While the relatively low material and labour costs can make paint and wallpaper seem appealing, the chic design and long term benefits mean that time and time again, homeowners are choosing wall tiles to decorate their homes.

Whether it’s a home extension or bathroom re-fit, weighing up the costs can make choosing between tiles, paint and wallpaper often seem like a challenge. With tiles you can inject a touch of class and practicality into your interior design project with confidence.

Ease of cleaning

Spills and stains are an inevitable part of daily life, and that means it’s important that the ease of cleaning is factored into the interior design of domestic spaces. Scuff marks and unsightly blemishes can instantly detract from the overall harmony of a room, and recoating the walls in paint or wallpaper will always come with additional costs – not to mention the significant amount of effort that’ll be required. Whether you opt for polished glass wall tiles or a matt finish, a tiled wall will always be easier to clean than paint or wallpaper – so you can concentrate on the more important things in life.

The long-lasting nature

With the average homeowner having to recoat the busiest areas of the house in paint or wallpaper every 2-3 years, maintaining the high standard of finish in each living space can often seem like more hassle than it’s worth. The durability and resistance of kitchen and bathroom wall tiles mean that despite initial installation costs, long-lasting wall tiles will be more cost-efficient in the long-term – and the high quality of your bathroom or kitchen wall tiles could even add value to the property when it comes to resale.

The versatility of tile

A home should reflect your personality, which is why so many of us look to incorporate a splash of our own creativity into the interior design. Nevertheless, as your tastes change, you’ll no doubt want to adapt your living space to suit – which can often mean an expensive re-fit. From porcelain mosaics to bevelled brick wall tiles, the versatility of neutral toned tiles means that your walls will complement each and every style-update. So whether you adorn the walls with your own artwork or cover existing furniture with vibrant fabrics, you can rest assured that your change-up needn’t break the bank.

The waterproof finish

When it comes to designing a bathroom, the function of this space should always be the key consideration. The wet conditions of the bathroom mean that paint and wallpaper can peel and harbour mould, whereas the waterproof properties mean a tiled bathroom can reduce the risk of mould by facilitating drainage. With a damp cloth and some cleaning product, you can wipe down your tiles and have them looking as good as new.

The high-quality effect

From polished porcelain to natural stone wall tiles, the seemingly endless list of design options means that whatever style of tile you choose, your walls are guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind. At Flooring World, we’re dedicated to bringing you the highest quality tiles at the most competitive prices – so whether you go glossy with metro brick or opt for matte black wall tiles, your walls are sure to command the attention of any guests.

When it comes to choosing between tile, paint and wallpaper, wall tiles for kitchen and bathroom environments will always have the edge. For first class wall tiles, we’ll strive to meet each of your tiling needs.